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Who helped start the first charter high school in Rockingham County? Phil Berger Jr.

Was that outsider or insider? I don't know. But I know school choice is the kind of change we conservatives say we support. Phil Berger Jr. helped get it done.

Who organized District Attorneys to make a legal defense of the marriage amendment when the media was tearing it down? Phil Berger Jr.

Was that outsider or insider? Sounds like both to me. And defending traditional marriage is what we conservatives are supposed to favor. Because it's common sense that one man and one woman in a loving relationship is the best way to raise children.

Who helped organize the campaign to strengthen the concealed carry law? Phil Berger Jr.

Was that outsider or insider? Who cares. It was the right thing to do.

Who says he's "evolved" on amnesty? Mr. Walker.

Is that outsider or insider? Sounds to me that it is the same thing President Obama did on gay marriage when the polls changed. Insiders flip flop like that all the time. But so do outsiders who put their ambition ahead of conviction.

Who slathered praise on Howard Coble at the same time he was running a political campaign to defeat the Republican stalwart? Mr. Walker. Was that outsider or insider? I don't know. But it sure sounds insincere to praise a guy while you are out for his job.

Who dropped the flat tax and the fair tax when the Realtors didn't like it? Mr. Walker. And don't they do that kind of thing in Washington all the time?

All too often, Republicans like to blame an out of touch Republican leadership for all the problems. Maybe they are out of touch sometimes. But I know a lot of positive conservative change has passed out of the House of Representatives. And Harry Reid and his followers like Kay Hagan have buried it in the Senate. And I know President Obama now rules by executive decree because Republicans in the House have blocked his legislation.

Phil Berger Jr. isn't a smiley face. He's more like a bull dog than a cute, fluffy poodle. But he is the candidate for Congress who has actually accomplished something for conservatives. He's the steak and Mark Walker is the sizzle. And when I'm hungry, I don't want sizzle. 

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