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Bruce VonCannon is on TV now telling 6th District voters that he thinks politics is broken. Hardly a revelation, Bruce. But what broke it? The actions of politicians who will say anything to get elected – politicians who follow the polls.

Bruce's slogan-fix broken politics -sounds poll driven. Sort of like yes we can.

And haven't we heard this phrase before that politics is broken? We hear it on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and everywhere else practically every day. Usually, it's something liberal commentators say because some conservative is trying to block President Obama's “transform America” agenda. Frankly, if passing the Obama agenda is fixing politics, I hope it stays broken.

Bruce VonCannon is leaving a lot out in his TV ad. Non-politician Bruce isn't mentioning that he has been away from North Carolina for decades, living in Singapore and Hong Kong, acting as the private banker for wealthy Chinese.

In fact, non-politician Bruce VonCannon is such a non-politician that he forgets to mention in his TV ad that he hasn't paid property taxes in North Carolina because his American house is in Nevada. Bruce just decided to grace us with his presence again because Howard Coble's Congressional seat is open. And because the seat is in a Republican area, Bruce VonCannon figured he needed to switch from Democrat to Republican.

Democrat to Republican? Hong Kong to Guilford County? Non-politician Bruce VonCannon sounds more and more like another cynical, say anything politician.

That's why Keep Conservatives United supports DA Phil Berger Jr.

DA Berger knows the people of North Carolina. He's a conservative who shows it, not just with words, but with action.

For example, when the Constitutional Amendment protecting marriage was catching flack in the media, Phil Berger Jr. didn't run from it. As a District Attorney, he stepped up and defended it. He was counted when it mattered. Friends working on the inside of the marriage campaign tell me DA Berger's legal defense of the Amendment made a difference.

DA Berger represents the victims of crime. He defends our Second Amendment rights and opposes ObamaCare. There aren't any surprises with Phil Berger Jr. He knows North Carolina and people in Piedmont North Carolina know him.

Phil Berger Jr. has proven he will stand up and fight for conservative principles – limited government and freedom.

There is another reason to support Phil Berger Jr., too. He's grounded in the same philosophy of self reliance and hard work his dad, Senator Phil Berger has demonstrated.

I have followed North Carolina politics for a long time. I never thought I would see a conservative Republican State Senate passing spending cuts, tax cuts, reforming the bureaucracy, making it easier for employers to create jobs , rewarding teachers on merit instead of tenure, giving parents more choice and standing up for life. Senator Berger made it happen. And I am glad to have been a little worker bee in his campaign for conservative change.  I think Phil Berger Jr. will set the same standard for n Congress.

Bruce VonCannon can move here from Hong Kong, spend a lot of money on TV and tell us he's a conservative. DA Berger has lived it. That makes the difference.

If you agree, help Keep Conservatives United with a campaign contribution to help us support DA Berger. Click the donation button to the right and contribute by credit card or send a check.

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