Contact:Bob Harris

Mark Walker is fond of saying deportation isn't an option for the illegal immigration mess. That's why he proposed "legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants"-amnesty.

But as we watch 50,000 children pouring across the border from Central America, what exactly does it mean to say deportation isn't an option? The logical conclusion is the United States must be prepared to take every child from Central America who wants to come here, take care of them and support them for years and years.

If deportation isn't an option, then the United States had better be prepared to import poverty from the Third World from now on. And how are we going to pay for that when we are 17 trillion dollars in debt?

Mark Walker is certainly a big hearted person. But his plan for legalization of illegal immigrants is going to put millions more people on the welfare rolls. Can we really afford that when our economy is already in trouble?

Can we support everyone who shows up on the American side of the border? That is a big issue in the runoff on July 15. A vote for Walker is a vote for amnesty because that is exactly what he proposed no matter how hard he denies it now. 

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