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We all know President Obama isn't about creating wealth. He's about redistributing it.

Is Congressional candidate Zack Matheny all about redistributing jobs at taxpayers expense? Last August, Zack Matheny voted on the Greensboro City Council to give $150,000 in incentive grants to Gerbing Inc., a clothing manufacture headquartered in Stoneville in Rockingham County if they would move to Greensboro and create 25 new jobs.

It turns out the company wasn't going to create 25 new jobs. It was going to transfer jobs from Rockingham County to Greensboro. According to blogger George Hartzman, Zack Matheny kept pushing for the deal even when it became clear 25 new jobs weren't involved.

Why would Zack Matheny want to filch jobs from a neighboring community and bring them to Greensboro? Maybe he felt that was his job as a Greensboro City Councilman.

But here is another explanation. In Greensboro, Gerbing was planning to locate in a building owned by John Lomax of Lomax Properties. Without the $150,000 from the taxpayers, Gerbing couldn't afford to move and Mr. Lomax couldn't collect their rent on his space.

And by the way, Mr. Lomax is a Zack Matheny campaign contributor. According to Guilford County records, he gave $1000 to Zack Matheny's campaign on 9/5/13.And a Vice President of Lomax Properties gave another $1000 on 12/30/13 according to the FEC.

The Gerbing deal has fallen through now. But the point remains. President Obama redistributes income to buy votes. It looks like Zack Matheny tries to redistribute jobs to help his campaign fund.

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