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A Prime Minister of Pakistan once earned the title Mr. 10% because he pocketed 10% of every government contract for himself.

Is Councilman Zack Matheny Greensboro's Mr.2? According to his financial disclosure filed with Congress, Councilman Matheny has an agreement with Brantley Properties, the managing partner of Bryant Park Apartments LLC, to get 2% of the value of their Charlotte apartment project when it is sold.

Zack Matheny's disclosure does not show him holding any equity in the project. Did he put any money into the deal to qualify for a 2% share?

Bryant Park Apartments LLC was formed last year. It appears to be a 5.75 acre project on West Morehead Street in Charlotte.

Councilman Matheny's 2% comes from Brantley and a second partner, Camp Greene LLC. Camp Greene is a neighborhood in Charlotte and the LLC was formed last year by Casey Taylor. He is an executive at Lomax Properties in Greensboro.

Lomax Properties and Lomax Construction are owned by John Lomax of Greensboro. Blogger George Hartzman has written before how Zack Matheny supported a $150,000 taxpayer funded incentive deal for the benefit of Lomax Properties.

According to news reports, Lomax is building a $16 million apartment project off West Morehead Street in Charlotte.

Might that be the same thing as Camp Greene LLC? Is Zack Matheny in line to get 2% of a $16 million real estate deal? That would be $320,000.

Whether the figure is $320,000 or something less, what exactly did a city councilman from Greensboro have to do with an apartment project in Charlotte? Did he raise money for the deal and from who? Did Zack Matheny do anything-besides support a $150,000 economic incentive that would have benefited Lomax Properties?

And where is the news media? Why are George Hartzman, another blogger named Billy Jones and Keep Conservatives United the only ones wondering about Zack Matheny's cronyism?

Let's hope Councilman Matheny will explain what he did to get 2% of a real estate deal.

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